Emmanuel Grace

Built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself being the Cornerstone

The Narrow Path

Love and Obedience (Part 1)

For the last little while, my spirit has felt an urgency, a consistent nudging to draw nearer to Jesus, and to prepare for things to come; An urgency to prepare my heart and to return to God completely and I believe he is calling the the church to do the same. Return to truth and love and light. God has been revealing the complacency of my life.

6 Days then Rest

About 3 years ago or so, I switched my view of creation.  For the vast majority of my life, I have believed that God created the world and universe, but I didn't view Genesis 1 literally.  To be truthful, I didn't have much of my own opinion on it.  I was very loose on what I believed and the more I look back on it, it's because I

The Principle of the Ditches

There is a principle that keeps coming up over and over again no matter what we seem to be talking about at Emmanuel Grace. It's the principle of the narrow path and the ditches on either side of that path. Maybe the best way to explain this is to give a few examples that I see happening in the church around the world. God is holy. We know